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Welcome to Pinball Inventor!

We are one of the leading online magazines that provide readers the information they need about the pinball-themed slot machines. We understand how nostalgic it can be to play these games and we only want to offer our readers the best possible experience they can acquire.

Pinball is a classic game that has become a part of most of our childhood days, especially, if you grow up before the 2000s. It was a game that required no internet connection, no multiplayer action, and not a lot of effort, as well. However, it was still fun, engaging, and memorable.

For us, various things about it make the experience an absolute spectacle. The audio mechanics, for instance, is a pleasure to our ears. Watching the ball come across different designated features also fills our tummies with butterflies. Unfortunately, this game is now part of the classics.

Sure, you can still download it on the internet to play in on whatever device you own but it would not simply feel the same. This is what Pinball Inventor wants to ultimately rectify, or at least, reignite. Our team is passionate about letting the modern population experience the same experience we felt when playing this classic game.

Moreover, we want new players to not only enjoy this blissful game but also acquire relevant opportunities for winning lots of money, in return. If you haven’t guessed what we are talking about, it is pinball-themed slot games.

Thanks to the technology that operators and developers integrate with their slot games; the themes that are also imbued in these games are brought alive.

Even though you may never experience physically playing a pinball game in real life; with pinball-themed slot machines, you will still be able to encounter the same emotions that we, pinball enthusiasts, felt when we went to arcades as children and played this game. Not only that, you will receive significant opportunities for your effort.

You will not just be playing, you will also be winning. This is an opportunity that both old and new classic lovers will be delighted to experience. At our online magazine, your nostalgia will become your source of amazing rewards. Subscribe to our magazine today and learn more about the opportunities that await you.

Be a part of something that values your childhood memories and experiences. With us, you can keep reminiscing the past while looking forward to better possibilities.