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Some Great Casino Alternative Games to Pinball

Current gamblers, mainly lovers of slot games, may not recognize that pinball games were the impetus to their most loved games. The reality is that apart from both types of games having similarities insofar as cabinets are concerned, pinball games helped slot games gain most of its esteemed popularity. In essence, the pinball industry was significantly impactful to the slot machine industry. Unfortunately, when slot machines were introduced, they acted as a replacement for the pinball games. Even though there may seem to be a rivalry between the two, they are different in the sense that pinball is a pure entertainment game while the slot is used as a form of gambling. In that regard, slot games became an alternative to pinball games insofar as gambling is concerned, even though pinball games still exist for entertainment purposes. The slot games below are deemed to be among the best slot games of all time.

Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon

As its name suggests, this slot game was named after the famous martial art artist, Bruce Lee. While in operation, it plays a Chinese song as the player spins Bruce Lee’s symbols. It is an online version and also mirrors his classic martial art films. The game was developed by WMS and constituted 5 reels with up to 80 pay lines. It offers players great rewards and comes with numerous features such as free spins and clumped wilds. The wild feature is quite an interesting one, especially for real money players. Players are paid per line, and only the highest winner is paid per winning combination. Line pays conducted per reel set; payment is conducted starting from the leftmost. The Free Spin Feature is usually triggered by three or more scattered features within reels. Triggering a feature on reel-one sets awards 10 free spins within a 3x multiplier. The triggering feature on reel 2 sets awards 10 free spins with a 6x multiplier. Concerning winnings on multiple pay lines, they are usually added together. Players willing to train on the game do not need to spend money during training as the game offers demo versions of the game.

Monopoly: Money in Hand

This slot was released in 2018 and has gained popularity because of its association with big spins feature as well as free spins, wilds, Respins, and multiplier. The game offers its players two types of wagers available in most Barcrests. The two wagers allow players to bet within ranges of $0.10 to $500 per spin while the other wager provides for $20 to $50 bets per spin. Players delving in the big bets are entitled to five free spins accompanied with extra features. Concerning payouts, one can amass up to $125,000 for the free spins and varying amounts for the base game, depending on the type of bet one places. Its features can be categorized as either high value or low value. High-value icons include a top hat, cat, and dog. On the contrary, low-value symbols are displayed as playing card jack, Aces, 10, and Queen. Winnings are determined by the type of bet one places and a culmination of matching its features. A bet of less than $2 per spin is usually accompanied by an RTP of 94.1% regarding the type of bets. A bet of $2 per spin returns an RTP of 96.1%, and lastly, the big bet wagers produce an RTP of 98.1%. The maximum bet is $500 per bet, while the minimum bet is $0.10. it was developed by WMS and is easily one of the best slot games out there.

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Deal or No Deal

This game was created by Gamesys, one of the best online casino game developers. It is a 5-reel video slot game comprising 20 lines. The slot game was developed with the theme of a famous game show called Deal or No Deal. Betting in this slot game entails distributing the bet amount through the 26 numbers. A briefcase feature represents each of the above numbers. Players have an easy task in the game because all they have to do is choose a briefcase and then claim the amount therein. The game holds the caveat that one does not know what amount is under each briefcase, ranging from $0.01 to $1million. This is a perfect slot game for the Deal No deal Show; it allows them to resonate with characters in the show. Its standard version entails a 3-reel platform with a normal series of payouts. It is worth noting that activating the bonus mode allows players to participate in an actual Deal No Deal game. Those who have watched the show are likely to feel like they are participating in it. In the future, it is difficult to project how far the game is expected to attract as it is dependent on a strong fan base of the original show. These fans are likely to shift their attention to other existing or upcoming games. Thus, its future is unpredictable and likely to diminish.


Jumanji is a video slot game that was developed by NetEnt software provider. The game was created to make its players experience a wild journey through 5-reels and 36 pay lines. It is based on a movie called Jumanji. Lovers of this game experience a jungle life as the game constitutes captivating visual effects such as crawling features over the reels. The sound truck features jungle drums that make it tally with the reels’ adventure. Players used to other slot games are likely to see some difference with this game as outer reels are three symbols higher than usual. Players can trigger four in-game features while engaging in this game. All pay-lines are active by default; hence, there is no guessing on a tiny wager on a line or two. The real money mode requires that players place their bets ranging from 0.10 per spin to 200. The RTP value is 96.33%.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

This game is a product of an IGT developer. Similar to other IGT slots, this game utilizes a level-up scheme. This is a perfect game for players who would like to experience major tourist hubs in the United States. it features places like Hollywood, New York, and much more. A player can track their progress through their journey by checking the fuel gauge located on the display’s right bottom. Players can amass points along the journey by landing on a Winnebago symbol. Every symbol represents a point each. The fuel gauge can be refueled by gathering ten points along the journey. Players cannot move to the next destination without a full gauge. There is another way of getting the gauge filled instantly by collecting three scatters. The game has six levels where one can get various rewards such as multipliers, extra wilds, and free spins. Payouts in the game are merely based on the further one gets through the journey; the further the distance, the better the payout. In essence, this game is all about striving to fill one’s gauge and triggering the ‘On Tour’ feature, which gives the players a chance to win better prizes. The level progression pattern makes this game exciting and easy to play, especially for video game lovers.