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Are you a talented writer who can differentiate the tone of their piece whenever necessary?  Can you write up to 3,000 words per day? Do you have lots of ideas? If you check all of these, then we want you. At Pinball Inventor, your talent will surely not go to waste. Apply today to check if you have what it takes to be a part of our amazing team.

Simply follow the instructions indicated below and make sure that you understand everything that is written. Read the sentences two times if necessary. You only have one shot to do this so make sure that everything is perfect. One chance and one submission only.


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To start your application, you will write an article that covers a particular topic that relates to the content of our online magazine. Your topic can be anything as long as it is inspired by the mission and vision of our website. Any subjects that do not relate to our organization will automatically be disqualified.

As mentioned earlier, we only want writers who can fit their talents with our needs. Your article has to be 300-500 words. It depends on you. Just make sure that everything relevant you need to say is in there. Don’t make the mistake of writing a long article that doesn’t portray any critical information.

The word count requirement may simply be a guideline, but our team arrived at this number from the various writing applications that we receive. It seems that these numbers represent the most applicants that passed this stage. Don’t forget to include a proper introduction to your article and a satisfying conclusion at the end.

This will complete your piece. At the start of your article, we need to be able to immediately understand the point you are trying to convey. To help with optimizing the focus of your article, always remember to include the main sentences in each paragraph. This will ensure that your thoughts are cohesive.

It doesn’t matter how good your grammar is if your ideas are confusing and hard to interpret. If you are ready to let us see your work, you can always contact us.

Avoid these things:


Featured PostImages Write for Us Plagiarism - Write for Us

This will never be tolerated. Any indication of plagiarism will disqualify your submission.

Overly formal language

Featured PostImages Write for Us Overly formal language - Write for Us

We want readers to feel relaxed when reading our content. Don’t use terms and phrases that are on the verge of being business-like.

Argumentative tone

Featured PostImages Write for Us Argumentative tone - Write for Us

Avoid antagonizing anyone in your content. We are not looking to fight anyone at this magazine. On the contrary, we want this site to be a place of enjoyment and adventure.