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Some Great Casino Alternative Games to Pinball

Featured PostImages Great Casino Alternatives - Some Great Casino Alternative Games to Pinball

Current gamblers, mainly lovers of slot games, may not recognize that pinball games were the impetus to their most loved games. The reality is that apart from both types of games having similarities insofar as cabinets are concerned, pinball games helped slot games gain most of its esteemed popularity. In essence, the pinball industry was significantly impactful to the slot machine industry. Unfortunately, when slot machines were introduced, they acted as a replacement for the pinball games. Even though there may seem to be a rivalry between the two, they are different in the sense that pinball is a pure entertainment game while the slot is used as a form of gambling. In that regard, slot games became an alternative to pinball games insofar as gambling is concerned, even though pinball games still exist for entertainment purposes. The slot games below are deemed to be among the best slot games of all time.

Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon

As its name suggests, this slot game was named after the famous martial art artist, Bruce Lee. While in operation, it plays a Chinese song as the player spins Bruce Lee’s symbols. It is an online version and also mirrors his classic martial art films. The game was developed by WMS and constituted 5 reels with up to 80 pay lines. It offers players great rewards and comes with numerous features such as free spins and clumped wilds. The wild feature is quite an interesting one, especially for real money players. Players are paid per line, and only the highest winner is paid per winning combination. Line pays conducted per reel set; payment is conducted starting from the leftmost. The Free Spin Feature is usually triggered by three or more scattered features within reels. Triggering a feature on reel-one sets awards 10 free spins within a 3x multiplier. The triggering feature on reel 2 sets awards 10 free spins with a 6x multiplier. Concerning winnings on multiple pay lines, they are usually added together. Players willing to train on the game do not need to spend money during training as the game offers demo versions of the game.

Monopoly: Money in Hand

This slot was released in 2018 and has gained popularity because of its association with big spins feature as well as free spins, wilds, Respins, and multiplier. The game offers its players two types of wagers available in most Barcrests. The two wagers allow players to bet within ranges of $0.10 to $500 per spin while the other wager provides for $20 to $50 bets per spin. Players delving in the big bets are entitled to five free spins accompanied with extra features. Concerning payouts, one can amass up to $125,000 for the free spins and varying amounts for the base game, depending on the type of bet one places. Its features can be categorized as either high value or low value. High-value icons include a top hat, cat, and dog. On the contrary, low-value symbols are displayed as playing card jack, Aces, 10, and Queen. Winnings are determined by the type of bet one places and a culmination of matching its features. A bet of less than $2 per spin is usually accompanied by an RTP of 94.1% regarding the type of bets. A bet of $2 per spin returns an RTP of 96.1%, and lastly, the big bet wagers produce an RTP of 98.1%. The maximum bet is $500 per bet, while the minimum bet is $0.10. it was developed by WMS and is easily one of the best slot games out there.

Featured PostImages 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games Strategy is involved - Some Great Casino Alternative Games to Pinball

Deal or No Deal

This game was created by Gamesys, one of the best online casino game developers. It is a 5-reel video slot game comprising 20 lines. The slot game was developed with the theme of a famous game show called Deal or No Deal. Betting in this slot game entails distributing the bet amount through the 26 numbers. A briefcase feature represents each of the above numbers. Players have an easy task in the game because all they have to do is choose a briefcase and then claim the amount therein. The game holds the caveat that one does not know what amount is under each briefcase, ranging from $0.01 to $1million. This is a perfect slot game for the Deal No deal Show; it allows them to resonate with characters in the show. Its standard version entails a 3-reel platform with a normal series of payouts. It is worth noting that activating the bonus mode allows players to participate in an actual Deal No Deal game. Those who have watched the show are likely to feel like they are participating in it. In the future, it is difficult to project how far the game is expected to attract as it is dependent on a strong fan base of the original show. These fans are likely to shift their attention to other existing or upcoming games. Thus, its future is unpredictable and likely to diminish.


Jumanji is a video slot game that was developed by NetEnt software provider. The game was created to make its players experience a wild journey through 5-reels and 36 pay lines. It is based on a movie called Jumanji. Lovers of this game experience a jungle life as the game constitutes captivating visual effects such as crawling features over the reels. The sound truck features jungle drums that make it tally with the reels’ adventure. Players used to other slot games are likely to see some difference with this game as outer reels are three symbols higher than usual. Players can trigger four in-game features while engaging in this game. All pay-lines are active by default; hence, there is no guessing on a tiny wager on a line or two. The real money mode requires that players place their bets ranging from 0.10 per spin to 200. The RTP value is 96.33%.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

This game is a product of an IGT developer. Similar to other IGT slots, this game utilizes a level-up scheme. This is a perfect game for players who would like to experience major tourist hubs in the United States. it features places like Hollywood, New York, and much more. A player can track their progress through their journey by checking the fuel gauge located on the display’s right bottom. Players can amass points along the journey by landing on a Winnebago symbol. Every symbol represents a point each. The fuel gauge can be refueled by gathering ten points along the journey. Players cannot move to the next destination without a full gauge. There is another way of getting the gauge filled instantly by collecting three scatters. The game has six levels where one can get various rewards such as multipliers, extra wilds, and free spins. Payouts in the game are merely based on the further one gets through the journey; the further the distance, the better the payout. In essence, this game is all about striving to fill one’s gauge and triggering the ‘On Tour’ feature, which gives the players a chance to win better prizes. The level progression pattern makes this game exciting and easy to play, especially for video game lovers.

The Best Browser Pinball Games

Featured PostImages The Best Browser Games - The Best Browser Pinball Games

Everyone is looking for something fun that they can do on the internet. While the internet is full of all kinds of things that you can do, today we are going to talk about Pinball specifically. There are a lot of websites that you can go to when you want to play a classic game of pinball. But which pinball games are worth your time and which pinball games require you to download to be able to play it on your computer or laptop? I am going to list the best pinball games that you can play on your browser. You will not need to worry about downloading anything on your computer, all you need to worry about is keeping track of the time because you are going to have a lot of fun with these pinball games. There is a website called ClassicGames. This website allows you to play pinball games online, without having to download the game beforehand. Because the site is very reliable and the games on there run nicely on a computer browser, this will be the site where you can find all of these games. Without further introduction, let’s get into this pinball list.

Short Circuit Pinball

This is your classic game of pinball, but the map is a motherboard of a computer. It gives it a technological feel as you play the game that you grew up loving to play. However, it is important to keep in mind that this game is very old. It might look a bit outdated, it is still extremely fun to play and super satisfying to look at as the ball bounces all around the computer motherboard.

Law of the West

This pinball game, a lot like the one mentioned above, is a classic. A lot of people have a certain type of pinball board that they prefer to play on. If you are the type of person who prefers to play on a wild west type board, you can play Law of the West and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Skatepark Pinball

This classic pinball game is themed for a skate park. Think about Tony Hawk and the days you spend playing that game, wishing you could do a kickflip on a board. This game will bring back all of those memories in the form of the classic pinball game that you once loved. With this game you will see lots of graffiti themes around the map.

Firefighter pinball

You can expect to see a burning building with lots of fire, and it’s up to you to save the day. This is the type of pinball for anyone who loves action and saving people. Maybe once you complete this you can move on to the other life saving pinball games that are available throughout the internet, but this is a great one to start on if you are interested in fire fighting.

Pinball Space Adventure

Who isn’t interested in the idea of space? This game gives you all of the space vibes that you have been missing in your life. You can fight off aliens, spot planets, and travel through space as you raise up your score as much as possible. This pinball is perfect for anyone who loved the classic space pinball game.

Rainbow Pinball

This map will bring you one of a kind magical experience. You will see rainbows, unicorns, and all of the other mythical things that you can imagine. It is good for kids who are interested in starting a pinball journey but you don’t want to start them off with something complicated and dark. It is very bright, lighthearted, and fun.

Themepark Pinball

This one will bring to life all of the memories that you might have of carnivals from when you were a kid. You’ll see fun rides, clowns, and maybe even a few surprises here and there. This is a great classic, but should probably be avoided if you have a clown phobia since the opening picture is of a clown.

Wall-E Pinball

This is another great map for kids, or adults who loved the Wall-E movie. This map will bring you on the journey that Wall-E found himself on. You will help him on the Earth, and you will bring everyone back down from space with enough work put into the game. There are a lot of pinball games available on the internet, however these require no downloading and can be played for free on your computer or laptop browser right now. If you are a fan of pinball, these games are not ones that you should be passing upon. And if you are a parent who wants to give their child a new experience with a game that you grew up on, these are great for them to start out on.

Brief History of Pinball Machines

Featured PostImages History Of Machines - Brief History of Pinball Machines

Pinball is a fun coin-operated arcade game where players enjoy racking up points by shooting metal balls on an inclined surface, attempting to hit special targets, while trying to keep the ball from escaping the playing field. While the term “pinball” wasn’t used until 1936, the history of pinball began well over a century ago.

The granddaddy of pinball machines from 18th-century France is the original Bagatelle-table. This game incorporated a table and balls much like a game of pool or billiards and used a cue stick to hit the balls into pockets. Montague Redgrave changed things up a bit with his patent to improve the Bagatelle in the late 19th century. The balls were replaced with marbles, an incline was added, and his patented ball shooter consisting of a coil spring and a plunger was introduced. The changes made were a foreshadowing of the modern pinball machines we know in today’s world.

The 1930s involved major steps forward for pinball machines. They were a popular item as countertop games such as Bingo and Baffle Ball by Gottlieb and Company. By mid-decade Baffle Ball had an upgrade to a standing and more electronic version. Henry Williams presented a battery-operated type, and by 1934, pinball machines were reconfigured for use with electrical outlets. The revamping would allow for the use of sights, sounds, music, and lighting.

During this period, from the mid to late 30s, pinball’s popularity grew quite intensely, most likely due to the Depression. Folks were looking for some fun entertainment but at a minimal cost, for obvious reasons. Many promoters of the pinball machines gave away prizes for getting high scores, which helped cause players to cheat by shaking or lifting the machine. In response to this problem, the “tilt” mechanism was introduced to the world of pinball.

In the mid-forties, before the flipper, many cities outlawed pinball machines because of the spreading sense that the games were not based on skill, but luck. Also, there was a common shift toward working on the efforts of war rather than racking up points, which added to the temporary decline of pinball. However, that changed after the Second World War during a 10 year period from 1948-1958 which was regarded as the “Golden Age” of pinball, with the invention of the flipper in 1947. The end of the war, once again, saw a rise in the manufacturing of pinball. In 1948, a firm called Genco came out with a machine that included a set of flippers at the bottom of the playing field. However, the flippers were oddly placed facing outwards, unlike today’s models.

Featured PostImages 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games Combination of digital and mechanical gameplay 1024x512 - Brief History of Pinball Machines

More advancements were apparent in the 1950s for the pinball machine when Gottlieb came out with the more modern arrangement of the flipper to face inward. During the decade there were more exciting improvements in pinball machines including lights behind a glass scoreboard and the first of two-player games.

The advancements didn’t stop in the 1960s, as in 1962, the drop target was invented which premiered in the game Vagabond around the same time as multiball debuted in Beat the Clock. The next big step for pinball in the 1960s was the first digital machine in 1966. The improvements kept a steady movement, carrying on into the following decade.

As pinball continued becoming a hugely popular form of entertainment, the mid-seventies saw the adoption of the longer three-inch flippers, which we see used on modern machines. Popularity soared in the 70s because of the games’ new alterations, attributes, reliability, electronic and alphanumeric scoring, as well as, electronic sounds and speech, which lasted well into the 80s. Pinball wasn’t finished making advancements after the 80s, and the popularity was not slowing.

In 1998, Williams released the first pinball machine to have a video screen in the machine, “Pinball 2000” series machines. Pinball slowly transformed into an increasingly high-tech version of itself. Today, in the 21st century, varieties of pinball are moving toward being entirely software-based and have been created for platforms of computers, handhelds, and gaming devices. Still, old-school pinball machines are available for the enjoyment of those who want that excitement of in-person lights and sounds.

Pinball has taken a fascinating journey in the last century and a half. From a simple, countertop machine with no electricity or flippers, to an extraordinarily high- tech form of entertainment, pinball has seen an amazing transformation. From the young in years to the young-at-heart, pinball has been a wonderful source of entertainment that is destined to continue its legacy for many years to come. Whether online, offline or in an arcade, the legacy of pinball machines live on and will continue to bring happiness to people of all ages.

The Best Pinball Games On The Go

pinball - The Best Pinball Games On The Go

Mobile games are extremely popular these days. You can play almost any type of game that you love and be able to take it with you wherever you go. You can play games at work when you are on break, and you can play a few games when you are going to bed without having to worry about the setup. Do a game people especially love? Pinball games. If you are one of those people who love pinball games, I have good news for you. There are dozens of pinball games available on your mobile devices. Though, I am going to list the top pinball games so you can get to the fun a lot faster. Let’s get into it.

First, let’s talk a little bit about the history of the game pinball. This is a game that you and your parents have no doubt played growing up. Whether you played it through an actual pinball machine, a console version at home, or through a small toy from the store, this game has been loved and cherished for generations and it will surely continue to be as long as there are fans of the game still eager to play it.

Pinball, while invented in 1871, is still a very popular game. People like you keep this game alive, even when it is racing against all of the newer games that are available. Though the game was invented very long ago, you can still play it on every system that you currently own. There are even many pinball slot variants that can be played online also. Without further ado, here are the top-rated Pinball games that you can get on your mobile device. These games are, at the time of writing, free to play. They do feature ads and in-app purchases, but they are free for anyone to play.

Pinball Deluxe Reloaded

If you are a fan of the classic look of pinball, you will love Pinball Deluxe Reloaded. This game comes with the retro look that we all love, classic maps to play on, and of course, bonuses. This game is one of the best pinball games you can get on a mobile device. There are even over 50 brick-breaking levels to enjoy if you get tired of shooting the ball and keeping it from falling in the abyss. The wild west level is something people enjoy just as much, and don’t forget about the levels in space.

Marvel Pinball

This is the pinball game that all Marvel comic fans should be playing. It is extremely fun and features all of your favourite heroes and villains. You can choose different maps and levels to play on, feature a specific hero on the back of the game, and go on your adventure with your score as you add up the points. It has Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and all of the other heroes that you love in the comics and on-screen.

Featured PostImages 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots Fancy Fruits - The Best Pinball Games On The Go

Zen Pinball

This game lives up to the title of the game, it is very zen and extremely relaxing. The game features a lot of levels and maps based on some of the most popular shows on television. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and you love pinball, this is a game that you should consider downloading. This is also one of the classic pinball games that you would find on the console additions of the game. This game comes in second on the list, because as fun as it seems, the final game is the best pinball game you will have ever laid your eyes on.

Pin Out

Pin Out is an endless pinball game. If you love to play pinball but you hate when the game is over and you have to start back at the beginning, Pin Out allows you to play an endless game. There are checkpoints so if you lose your ball, your game will not automatically end. There are bonuses so you can compete at getting the highest score against your friends, and it is just a lot of fun. There might not be tv show themed levels and maps, but the colours bring you back to the retro style of the game, and it is a great game to have downloaded on your mobile phone so that you always have something to play when you are bored and trying to pass the time.

These are the top-rated pinball games you can get downloaded from your app store. Each of these games is free to download, there are ads and in-app purchases, however, but that does not take away from all of the fun that you are guaranteed to have when you download one of these specific games.

Ben Heck’s hack on Fast Payouts on Pinball Slots

Fast Payout Casinos

There are three key components that you need to take into account when considering fast payouts from an online casino. The majority of experienced casino players are aware of the first consideration which is the decision on which online casino to play at but there are additional factors that even the most experienced gamblers are not always aware of. The other two key factors that contribute to fast payouts at a casino are the banking method being used and the early submission of KYC (know your customer) documentation.

Fast Online Casino Payment Methods in New Zealand

We have listed the fastest to slowest casino payment methods below:

  1. eWallets – eWallets or online wallets provide the fastest online casino payouts with times ranging from a couple hours up to 2 days depending on the casino. The most popular eWallets in NZ for casino are Skrill, Neteller, POLi followed by PayPal. eWallet payments offer many additional benefits besides fast payouts. One of these additional benefits is improved security and private information protection. The biggest downside with utilizing eWallets is that may online casinos do not allow players to claim bonuses when using these wallets. Skrill and Neteller are often listed as excluded payment methods for claiming bonuses from many online casinos.
  2. Credit/debit cards – Most online casinos in New Zealand currently allow players to deposit using credit cards. There has been talk of banning credit cards used for gambling at some point in the future. If that comes to pass there are still many other banking methods for players to choose from. At this point credit cards and debit cards are still very popular and one of the quickest ways of withdrawing money at online casinos. The payout time is normally between 2 to 6 days.
  3. Prepaid cards – Prepaid cards are often preferable to credit or debit cards because they allow you to play within your budget and are considered less risky to use online. The premier prepaid cards in NZ would be Paysafecard and Entropay both of which allow you to play in NZ$ and have withdrawal times of 2 to 6 days.
  4. Bank/Wire Transfer – Bank transfers are a slower form of banking method when it comes to withdrawing from a casino. They can often take more than a week to clear in your account but they do have advantages. The biggest advatage is that there is no limit on how much can be transferred via a bank transfer. The other big advantage is that the money goes straight into your bank account and doesn’t need to be transferred out of an eWallet. This is the most common banking method amongst high rollers and players that have big wins at a casino.
  5. Cheques – Cheques are a relic from a an age where banks couldn’t transact with each other and clearing houses were far less efficient than they are today. Many online casinos no longer even send cheques.

The previous list clearly indicates how important your banking method is when it comes to the speed of your casino payouts which is the first Ben Heck Fast Payout Casino master hack.

Fast Payout Casinos in New Zealand

The second hack we are going to share with you is that of choosing the fastest payout casinos in New Zealand. The only way to know how fast a casino pays out it to actually follow the process and try withdraw money from the online casino is question.

There are a number of great websites online where fellow online gamblers have tested various casinos and share their experiences. Trustpilot is one such site where fellow gamblers share their experiences at various casinos. is another excellent website for getting in-depth casino information. They have a number of sections dedicated to various aspects related to online casinos in New Zealand including which are the fastest payout NZ online casinos.

The fastest payout casino in New Zealand as listed by is SkyCity casino which is no surprise to any of us that have played as SkyCity in Auckland.

Early KYC and Currency Selection

The last hack we want to share with you is the KYC and currency selection hack. The most common hold-up in payouts at an online casinos come when a player withdraws for the first time. This is because most online casinos do not require players to submit their “know your customer” documents until the player deposits a large amount or makes a withdrawal at the casino. The hack to speed up this process is to submit your documents as early as possible so that when the time comes to withdraw your winnings, there are no slowdowns waiting for documents to be emailed back and forth.

This process is smoothed out at casinos like SkyCity where KYC documents are requested as soon as you open up an account. It is partly why their payouts are so much quicker than other online casinos.

The second half of this hack is to ensure that you play in the same currency as the account you are withdrawing to. So if you have a New Zealand Dollar credit card, ensure that you register a New Zealand Dollar casino account. This not only saves you money in terms of currency conversion fees but also allows the banks to process your transaction quicker.


We hope you have enjoyed our Ben Heck’s hacks on fast payout casinos in New Zealand and have found some new tricks to speed up your casino payouts. Remember to gamble responsibly and never gamble more than you are willing to loose.

The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots

Fast Payout Casinos

It is generally recommended that you play pinball slots in real life. That will make the gameplay experience more immersive and fun because you will be able to observe the actual mechanical structure of the slot machine. Unfortunately, this is not always a favorable case; especially, if you live a very busy life.

Not everyone has sufficient time to travel to a place that has available pinball slots. But thanks to the internet, you can now get a glimpse of the potential adventure that you can experience whenever you play a pinball slot.

You simply need to find the right online casino that offers the right pinball slot game. The experience may not be as dynamic, but it will certainly give you an idea of just how tremendously amazing it can be.

Dunder Casino

Featured PostImages The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots Dunder Casino - The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots

This is an online casino that is one of the most top-rated online casinos in the world. It offers various casino games including online poker, blackjack and different themed slot games.

One of the most famous slot games that this online casino has is the pinball slot wherein millions of players play this game monthly. The rewards are amazing and the experience is memorable.

Casumo Casino

Featured PostImages The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots Casumo Casino - The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots

This is another top-rated online casino. Many visitors say that this website is like no other. It offers a unique experience in terms of casino games. If you want to play pinball slots, this is one of the places that you need to visit.

The bonuses in this casino are plenty. If you have any issues, the staff is more than happy to assist. You can even visit their website on your phone if you are not using your personal computer or your laptop.

Genesis Casino

Featured PostImages The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots Genesis Casino - The Top 3 Online Casinos Where You Can Play Pinball Slots

This online casino is recognized for its numerous freebies in its casino games which include the pinball slots. Moreover, the aesthetic design of the website is something to behold. It is literally like going into space.

The website is extraordinary, the games are rewarding, and the experience will be enlightening. Come visit this site if you ever want to experience something worthwhile. The aforementioned online casinos are considered the best of the best. They have interesting features that promote engaging experience with their visitors and players.

3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots

Featured PostImages 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots - 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots

Pinball slots can be a lot of fun to play; however, playing the same game over and over again could result in fatigue. Even game developers know that it is not easy for players to continuously play the same game for a very long time.

One of the common advices of game developers to players who feel fatigued playing the same game is to play other kinds of games. This is the same case with pinball slots.

Just because it is a lot of fun it doesn’t mean that it can be played repeatedly on a consecutive basis. Fortunately, you can always play other games that may share some similar traits to this game.

Fancy Fruits

Featured PostImages 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots Fancy Fruits - 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots

This is a slot game that is great for feeling relaxed and refreshed. As you can already guess from the name of the game, the theme is all about fruits. When you play this game, you can feel at ease. The audio is calming and the visuals are serene. This is a significant contrast with pinball slots which are commonly flashy and noisy.

Playing this game will allow a player to momentarily forget the extreme emotions they feel when playing a slot. However, when they are ready to feel the thrill again, pinball slots are always ready.

4 Seasons

Featured PostImages 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots 4 Seasons - 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots

This slot game is similar to pinball slots in that it has an engaging theme and visual effects. However, unlike pinball slots, the effect of this slot game is considered mild. You can play this game whenever you feel exhausted by playing pinball slots over and over again. The game may not be as thrilling, but it is adventurous and fun.


Featured PostImages 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots Zeus - 3 Online Slot Games that Are Similar to Pinball Slots

This slot game is as flashy as the pinball slots you play. It is also thunderous, loud, and wild. Whenever you play this game, you are brought into a place of total madness and chaos. If you want to temporarily experience something different but still thrilling, this is the game for you.

Pinball slots provide a ton of opportunity for players. Its dynamic structure and concept will always give it one of the top spots in the world slot ranking. Nevertheless, you don’t have to force yourself to keep playing it. Find something new and go back whenever you are ready.

If you want to find more about pinball slots, check out these interesting facts you may not about this game. If you are a fan of zombie games, you may also read about the similarities this genre has with pinball slots.

3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine

Featured PostImages 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine - 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine

The pinball slot machine is considered by many a beloved classic game. It combines two things that gamblers adore the most: dynamic gameplay and high reward system. Even today, the pinball slot machine remains a popular type of slot that is played by millions of people across the world.

The machine showcases a flashy structure that allows the players to be immersed in the gameplay. It also operates on a mechanical system that could reflect the idea of steampunk which is also a famous SciFi subgenre. This design further adds to the charm of the pinball slot machine. Nevertheless, there are some things that you may not know about this game.

The pinball industry has a significant impact on the slot industry

Featured PostImages 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine The pinball industry has a significant impact on the slot industry 1024x512 - 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine

While pinball machines are not as popular as they were in the past, their contribution to society cannot be underestimated. The slot industry, for example, was able to grow exponentially due to the influence of the pinball industry.

Many scholars believe that it is thanks to the pinball machines that the slot machines we have come to love in the present exist.

Pinball pioneers were also slot pioneers

Featured PostImages 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine Pinball pioneers were also slot pioneers 1024x512 - 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine

Industry giants like Bally and William knew that it was only a matter of time before the slot industry grew. Thus, they decided to develop their slot machines that would remind the players of their love of pinball games.

It became such a successful endeavor that the company soon pushed all its efforts in producing slot machines which were inspired by the pinball machines. What came out was a mechanical type of slot machine that had a dynamic visual outlook and a rewarding gameplay experience.

Pinball slots are popular in Japan

When you visit Japan, you may also encounter a hybrid gambling machine that is composed of pinball and slots.  They call this Pachinko. These are very popular gambling machines that include a variety of details that will make people nostalgic about the past.

Pinballs and slots should not be perceived as competitors. On the contrary, they offer different kinds of experiences to players. One is about delivering pure entertainment while the other is about rewarding the effort of the player through various prizes. Although pinballs are considered relics today; they are still one of the important factors that built the foundations of slot games.

Pinball Machines - 3 Interesting Facts about the Pinball Slot Machine



3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games

Featured PostImages 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games - 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games

The idea of zombies has dominated most of our culture, especially in the modern age, wherein various forms of media have explored this concept. In the gaming industry, for example, the concept of zombies remains a popular category. There are shooter-based games that target zombies.

There are post-apocalyptic adventures that also portray zombies. There are even multiplayer games with a significant focus on the idea of zombies.

Nevertheless, there are things about this concept that can also be found on pinball slots. As shocking as that may be, there are many similarities between this kind of slot machine and the zombie genre. To find out more about this, continue reading below.

Both games are thrilling

Featured PostImages 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games Both games are thrilling - 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games

In zombie games, the thrill comes from the concept, itself. You are literally in a world with zombies and you need to do everything to survive. This makes the experience quite thrilling. In a pinball slot, however, the thrill comes from the player’s anticipation of winning the game.

Although there are no zombies involved, the experience can still be thrilling especially if the reward involved is enormous.

Great effects are a must

Featured PostImages 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games Great effects are a must - 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games

Zombie games will not stand out unless the effects integrated into the game are outstanding. Due to the popularity of this genre, game developers are competing to produce the most extreme effects when it comes to their zombies. They will not be able to attract players if their zombies are lacking in terms of design.

On the other hand, the same could be said about the pinball slots. You cannot create a pinball slot that does not portray amazing visual and audio effects. The game, after all, is known for its flashy and over-the-top structure.

Strategy is involved

Featured PostImages 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games Strategy is involved - 3 Similarities between Pinball Slots and Zombie Games

Generally, zombie games require some sort of strategy to win the game. While there is an ultimate goal that needs to be accomplished, there are various steps to accomplishing it.

Speaking about the pinball slot, it may be surprising for others to learn that strategy also needs to be included in the game. Playing any slot without an ounce of critical thinking will lead your experience to downfall. The gaming industry has grown over time. There are more ideas to explore and more opportunities to acquire. It is simply a matter of time when a new concept will be created.

3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games

Featured PostImages 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games - 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games

The classics are always adored even in the present. There is something about the past that the modern day simply cannot compete with. Take pinball slots as an example for this case. They may be classic but their popularity in this generation remains widespread.

In this article, let us talk about the different things about this game that turn it into something quite spectacular that no other themed slots can do. Apart from being a classic game, what else about this particular game makes this a fantastic slot experience even for the younger generations?

It plays with the feeling of nostalgia

Featured PostImages 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games It plays with the feeling of nostalgia 1024x512 - 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games

Nostalgia is a kind of emotion that is difficult to suppress. When you feel it, there is no stopping that emotion from dominating your other senses. There is no in-between. This is the main reason some of the most popular things today are considered nostalgic. It reminds the people of their past, their history, and their childhood memories.

People simply want to be reminded of that time when they were young and had no extreme concerns they had to be worried about. This game provides them that opportunity. It gives them temporary happiness and a sense of fulfillment after everything is over.

Combination of digital and mechanical gameplay

Featured PostImages 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games Combination of digital and mechanical gameplay 1024x512 - 3 Amazing Things about Pinball Slot Games

Unlike modern slots today, pinball slots operate in a very different fashion. The structure of this machine portrays a mechanical part that can be operated by the player. This turns the experience into something more meaningful and engaging. Whenever you play this game, you are not overwhelmed with digital effects.

Instead, you come across a kind of gameplay that gives you a chance to be more involved in the process. Even seeing a mechanical reel spin in real time can be an extraordinary experience that will not be forgotten so easily.

It is loud and flashy

One of the best things about themed slots is that they are immersive. They do this by combining two distinct elements that allow the player to understand what is going on with the game. The first is the audio or the sound of the game. Unlike other slot machines, the sound that comes out of a pinball slot is loud and mechanical.

Operating this game would be like operating a train as a driver. It is downright noisy. The other element is the visual effect. Because a pinball slot is mechanical in structure, the visual effect becomes even more dynamic.

There are many reasons to play pinball slots not just because of their historical context. Even during the time they were produced, they were already popular. Their style and structure are something that improves the gameplay experience. If you would like to find more articles that relate to this topic, check out our blogroll.